Acerca de nosotros

Nuestra misión

Convicción en que los cambios son posibles, las soluciones de hoy nos darán un mejor mañana para nuestras futuras generaciones.

Creemos en un planeta libre de contaminación, disminuyendo el cambio climático con la aplicación de innovadores sistemas de generación eléctrica. 

Consecuencia en la sustentabilidad de los recursos naturales, promoviendo una calidad de vida a través de trabajos dignos con un perfeccionamiento continúo.  

Nuestra visión

Tenemos un fuerte compromiso con la Innovación, asociado al desarrollo sustentable del país, gestionando proyectos que vayan en la dirección de una mejor  calidad de vida.

Chile posee la plataforma climática que nos asegura con éste primer proyecto,  evitar el consumo de 27 millones de barriles de petróleo anualmente. 

Aspiramos a ser un icono en Latinoamérica en el campo de las energías renovables no convencionales, promoviendo la investigación y el desarrollo de energías alternativas que nos den la independencia energética anhelada por cualquier país.

Creemos en el fortalecimiento de las energías renovables no convencionales, reduciendo los costos marginales de la energía eléctrica.

Equipo Directivo

Francoise Bravo-Ferrer

Francoise Bravo-Ferrer

Founder and CEO/

Managing Director of CobracrestChile SpAand Pyrotech Resources Corp. Delaware USA. Major in mechanical engineering at the Montreal University and the Berkeley University, California USA. Worked for Bechtel Power Corporation in engineering design, to construct industrial power plants and nuclear waste technology. Worked in Spain and South Korea where he transferred state of the art technology to local engineers. Mr. Bravo-Ferrer has focused on the renewable/alternative energy industry for the last 30 years, specializing in engineering services for industrial plants, consulting to foreign government and private organizations to implement the construction or relocation of used industrial plants. As the C.E.O. and Founder of Cobracrest Chile, it was incumbent upon him to secure a variety of strategic alliances to develop clean energies and sustainable employment. This included alliances with various owners of patented technology, cost analysis specialists, EPCM contractors, investors and community activists. Mr. Bravo-Ferrer's innovative approach is thus widely recognized as a remedy to a dire environmental threat and an economical source of abundant renewable energy. He has enjoyed a substantial amount of press coverage hence an unequivocal support from the political and scholarly authorities. Mr. Bravo-Ferrer is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Marco Rivera

Marco Rivera

Chief Engineer/

Managing Director for all engineering activities of Cobracrest Chile, Mr. Rivera is a Chemical Engineer who graduated at the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Valparaiso. He has extensive experience in the field of “Process Analysis” of all industrial and laboratory tests results.

He is responsible for technical evaluations, environmental feasibility studies, and is also the Project Manager of the Sierra Miranda Power Plant Facility. He is mandated to develop and present the environmental impact reports. Principal coordinator for the EPCM contracts and local suppliers. He oversees economic feasibility for the energy facilities in Chile and specializes in compliances regarding the emission issues prescribed by government agencies.


dr james hammond

Dr. James A. Hammond

Chief Scientist/

Doctor James A. Hammond is credited with a wide spectrum of scientific breakthrough collectively recognized as encyclopedic material. As a chemical engineer at the Boeing Co. he conducted research in missile technology to solve solid rocket production problems. At Lawrence Electronics he designed and organized the manufacture of gauges to measure the hydrogen embrittlement in metal. He then became chief of the advanced product section at Lockheed Propulsion where he conceived and directed a technical solution to solve the production problems associated with solid rocket motors. He further on advised the State of California on resource recovery, energy production and air pollution reduction through conversion of waste material to fuel. As the lead engineer at Pyrotech Resources Corporation, he managed the activities of the Chemical Group which is responsible for feedstock process procedures, chemical laboratory operations and quality control/quality assurance programs, feedstock and residue testing, screening and analysis, and monitoring fuel production and plant emissions. Dr. James A. Hammond has a Ph.D. in chemical Kinetics from the Reusselaer Polytechnic institute in N.Y. A M.Sc in Physical Chemistry from the Syracuse University N.Y., and retired as the assistant director of the U.S.C. Chemical Engineering department. (University of Southern California, Los Angeles). Dr. James A. Hammond has enjoyed a 20 years symbiotic relationship with Mr. François Bravo-Ferrer.

Nick Opegard

Nick Oppegard


Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Cobracrest Chile. Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from Central Washington University, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Gonzaga University. He has a diverse background in logistics, project development, finance, and transportation, including providing services for the U.S. Treasury Department, Boeing Aircraft Company, and Pan American World Airway, among others. Having worked with both Mr. Bravo-Ferrer and Mr. Hammond for over twenty years, he contributed to their previous energy project development in the United States and Europe. As part of Pyrotech Resources and Cobracrest Chile core team, he has been responsible for financial modeling and represents the firm in both private and public forums. Mr. Oppegard's primary areas of responsibility include strategic financial management and project analysis.

Acreditación y auditoría

Cobracrest Chile, Energía Solar Eólica

Cobracrest Chile, ha sido creada con la finalidad de desarrollar en Chile un proyecto altamente innovador para la generación de energía eléctrica, rompiendo el actual paradigma de las energías renovables no convencionales.

Esta tecnología introducida y desarrollada comercialmente por SOLAR WIND ENERGY TOWER, empresa americana con sede en la ciudad de Annapolis, Maryland, que posee las patentes para su desarrollo, permitirá inyectar al sistema interconectado central 500 Megawatts de energía limpia y sustentable.